Aw Snap! and Flash plugin crashing diagnostics and workaround

Update 12/5 - Issue resolved by reverting back to JW Player 7.7.4

Hello everyone.  The Aw Snap! issue on Chrome started on November 30, and is continuing on December 1st.

Here is some background on the issue:

  • users are seeing it sporadically, usually every 10-30 minutes
  • only users with Flash enabled is seeing it, but 80% of ads delivered on the EHC network is Flash based, so turning Flash off will decimate earnings until advertisers shift over to HTML5 creatives
  • some users report that having less instances up help with the problem.

Chrome setup on Windows:

  • Chrome 54 or 55 beta.  Please upgrade to one of these two if you are not on here already.
  • Flash 23.  Check if Flash is working on Adobe Test Page.  You should see the bouncing cube.
  • Check to see Flash plugins are enabled.  By the way, if using Firefox or Edge, check if Flash is enabled to maximize earnings.

Workarounds to minimize crashing

Step 1: Maybe some extensions or plugins are conflicting with Flash/Chrome/JW.  Video instructions

  • On the bottom left corner of Windows, click on either Run or Search, and type msconfig
  • Go to Services tab
  • Click on "Hide all Microsoft Services"
  • Click checkbox for "Disable all"
  • Click apply

Step 2: Disable Start-up items on Task Manager 

  • Open Task Manager (Control + Alt + Delete, and choose Task Manager)
  • Click on Startup tab
  • Right click on any services that is Enabled and choose Disable (you can re-enable later)

Step 3: Download Chrome cleanup tool.  Run the tool.  This will get rid of any weird Chrome plugins or extensions.

Step 4:  Restart your machine.

Step 5: If all else fails, reinstall Chrome or use another browser like Edge or Firefox

  • Click on Windows icon on bottom left corner
  • Find Google Chrome and RIGHT click to see menu.  Choose Uninstall
  • After uninstall, can reinstall here.
  • Finally check to make sure Flash is enabled.  Then try running EHC + Partner Sites again.


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