How to create a log of earnings for watching videos or playing games

This is tutorial's screen shots apply on Chrome, but most modern browsers will have the same functionality.


1.  Log into EarnHoney

2.  Go to whatever page you would like to submit the error.  For this example, I will use the video pages.

3.  Either right click on open space, and choose "Inspect" or Control+Shift+I.  Make sure the "Preserve Log" is enabled.  (highlighted in yellow in the below picture).  Make sure you are on the Console tab.  (top menu bar on the right side)


4.  Watch the video or several videos.  A good sample would be 5 to 10 minutes of videos.  Your console should be full of details.  Right click in the console window and choose Save-As

5.  Choose a file name and send us the file to

6.  Lastly, pat yourself on the back.  You have done everyone in the EarnHoney Community a great service.


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