Current Development and Outstanding Bugs List

Update 1/8/2018

  • 2017 earnings only counts delivered redemptions.
  • Fixes on BuzzTV to decrease CPU usage while watching videos
  • Changes to email and passwords and phone numbers will send a confirmation to your phone
  • Lowered BTC redemption limit to $20, to be delivered through CoinBase at almost no fees
  • VIP weekly limits now reset on Friday
  • 2017 tax forms are now ready.  Will send out emails to eligible users.


  • Redemption history is showing in HD$ instead of USD. (100x the real number)
  • Redemptions after Jan 5 are not shown on the redemption history.  The order data is still complete and we are going to deliver as scheduled.  Will fix the display issue asap.

Update 9/11/2017

  • Fix for SPQ on Peanut Labs and Trial Pay.
  • Integrated Bitcoins for VIP redemptions.

Update 8/30/2017

  • Viewability circles were moved over to the right and relabeled it due to advertiser request.  Nothing else has changed.
  • Outstream ad units have been delayed by 40 seconds to not overlap with pre-roll ads.
  • Fixed bug where some users were being disconnected.
  • Added Peanut Labs on Super Pop Quiz Android app.  For a limited time, 75% payout!

Upcoming feature:

  1. Outstanding video bugs that might be caused by ad creative: video ad is playing at the same time as video player, ads that are always sound off, ads with no viewable video but can hear sound.
  2. Ability for EarnHoney users to visit third-party publishers and get paid!
  3. Additional travel site and finance site for different earning potentials.


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