How to get user information when submitting support tickets for VideoLoyalty

For us to help you, we need to know your user information.  This information is stored in your browser cookies, under cookie name "vlr" or "ssvl".

Method #1:  Chrome Browser

  1. Get to your browser cookies
  • If you are using for VideoLoyalty, paste this link into your browser:


  • If you are on a different site, then change the "" with the other site name.  For example, if you are using, the link to use is:


  1. Look for cookie name "vlr" or "ssvl".  The highlighted information is your user information.  See the screenshots below.


Method #2: Download EditThisCookie plug

  1. Download EditThisCookie Browser App
  2. Click on Cookie Browser App while using VideoLoyalty
  3. Your userid is stored in cookie named "vlr" or "ssvl".  See the screenshots below.Capture2.JPG



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